Frequently asked questions

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After conducting independent research on photocatalysts, Xavier Morgan partnered with Devon Scheg and Daniel Werth in the summer of 2018 to develop a new generation of water treatment systems, later switching to air purification as an end goal. However, as all three were still in college, Promethium remained a side project until May 2020, when it received its first major investment. Ever since, we have been working full-time on bringing the revolutionary PLANT system to market.

Yes! Our main sanitizing radicals have extremely short lifespans; and are consumed prior to exiting the devices, thus making them safe for use in occupied spaces. Furthermore, installation locations and engineered safety measures preclude individuals from accessing the reactor unintentionally.

While Promethium is currently testing the PLANT’s efficacy against surrogates of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) specifically, recent academic literature indicates our hostile combination of UV light and photocatalytic oxidation are effective in degrading the viral genome.

From the outset, the PLANT was developed with scalability in mind. For technical details on the PLANT’s performance, please contact us!

Although supply chains remain volatile on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, we seek to minimize shipping and retain as many of our operations stateside, allowing for full market entry by late January 2022.