Our Mission

Promethium’s team is optimizing a light-activated natural process to engineer and manufacture the next generation of air treatment systems.

Our philosophy is to pioneer disruptive technologies, providing they constitute sustainable but profitable solutions to global issues.

Promethium seeks to catalyze the transition to a future of inexhaustible resources by fueling broad accessibility to nature-inspired clean air, water, and energy innovations.

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Xavier Morgan
Chief Executive Officer
UNLV (2020)

From Las Vegas, Xavier has experience as an aircraft mechanic, HVAC/plumbing engineer, and a co-op intern in the aerospace field. Xavier is a Ronald E. McNair Scholar and has conducted research on nanomaterials and sustainability at both UNLV and Purdue University.

Devon Scheg
Chief Technology Officer
UNLV (2019)

A former Tesla photovoltaic designer, Devon draws on his project management and technical skills gleaned from his work experience to lead the engineering team. Involvement with material research at UNLV, and operations experience from the local water district has provided Devon with vision for leading high-impact projects.

Daniel Werth
Chief Operating Officer
UC Berkeley (2020)

Graduating cum laude from the University of California, Berkeley, Daniel received academic honors for his thesis. Having researched financial and economic history, the rise of capitalism, and trends in intellectual history, Daniel is also a commissioned composer and translator.

Mike Moloney
VP of Marketing
Mike is a product of the L.A. and Orange County music scene of the 1970’s, and has 30 years of sales and marketing experience in the hospitality, gaming, and production industries. In the early years of his career, Mike held executive positions within Operations, Sales, and Marketing for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Costa Crociere (Italy), while serving as Executive Producer for multiple live events, cruise lines, and casino properties. Mike has expanded and evolved his skills into creative concepts that communicate product messaging, targeting, and desired demographic reach.
Matt Cosgrove
VP of Business Development
Specializing in business development, Matt brings over 20 years of experience derived from working with companies such as RBC, RCL and Virgin Group Ltd. His business knowledge and experience across multiple countries on several continents makes him uniquely adept to grow a company to a global scale. Matt’s passion for creating, growing, and marketing disruptive technologies has led him to his most recent partnership with Promethium Ltd.
Phillipe Neil
VP of Sales
Philippe Neil was born in Canada and graduated with a B.Ed. from Sherbrooke University. He has spent the last 12 years working in business development both for major companies (AbInbev, Bayer, Roche) and as a serial entrepreneur. Before joining Promethium as VP of Sales, Philippe built Neobex, a Canadian medical parts distributor, from the ground up to a mid-size intermediary. He is also a distinguished angel investor, differentiating himself through his visionary mindset, tactical thinking, and capacity for building strategic partnerships.


David Warsinger, PhD
Assistant Professor at Purdue University, Lead Scientific Advisor
David M. Warsinger is a scientist, teacher, inventor, and entrepreneur. He is motivated by what he sees as the biggest problems facing humanity: the nexus of energy, water, and food. David is an Assistant Professor at Purdue University in Mechanical Engineering; his lab is in the Birck Nanotechnology Center. David completed his PhD at MIT, and did postdoctoral at MIT, Harvard, and Yale. David is a coauthor of over 30 published conference and journal papers, and 16 patent applications. David is involved with advising, fundraising for, or co-founding several startup companies in the fields of water treatment and food refrigeration. David has about a dozen issued or submitted patents in reverse osmosis, membrane distillation desalination, heating and air conditioning systems, and wind turbines.
Ernest Blatchley III, PhD
Professor at Purdue University, Scientific Advisor
Dr. Blatchley has more than 40 years of experience in Environmental Engineering. Dr. Blatchley’s expertise is in physical and chemical processes as they pertain to environmental engineering, with particular emphasis on engineering applications of ultraviolet (UV) radiation and disinfection processes. He has authored more than 110 publications in refereed journals, as well as 13 book chapters. He has given more than 130 invited presentations to audiences all over the world, including six continents. Dr. Blatchley and his collaborators have made important contributions to the development of photochemical reactor theory. Dr. Blatchley received a B.S. in Civil (Environmental) Engineering from Purdue University, with M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, also in Civil (Environmental) Engineering. He is a registered Professional Engineer (Indiana), and a Board-Certified Environmental Engineer (American Academy of Environmental Engineers & Scientists).
Daniel Tofield
CEO Project eTopia UK
Daniel Tofield is a global channel & alliances leader, general manager, board member, and board advisor with a passion for technology and sustainability, currently serving as CEO of Project eTopia UK. Project eTopia UK is part of a worldwide enterprise dedicated to cutting edge smart residential housing. Daniel is also a member of UK5G Innovation Network, with 20+ years of operational and leadership experience with both global corporations and Pre-IPO startups delivering growth and innovation. Daniel has great experience as a C-suite executive, and an angel investor specializing in the fields of IoT, Wireless technology, 5G Mobile, Telecom, SaaS, Sustainability, ESG, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainable Development Goals.
Kenneth Harris II
Former Lead Engineer, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Acknowledged by Forbes Magazine amongst the world’s youngest and most impactful individuals in the field of science, Kenneth Harris II is known for delivering thoughtful and dynamic leadership on programs of critical national and international importance. After nearly 15 years in the industry, Kenneth has held positions of increasing responsibility leading to seven successful missions. Kenneth’s honors and awards extend beyond his professional service to recognition of his tremendous leadership in the STEM field and international community. He currently serves as the District 7 Member of the Board of Education in his hometown of Prince George’s County Maryland. He was internationally recognized by the Project Management Institute for his incredible leadership on the local and international levels. Furthermore, Kenneth serves as a Science Show Host for the “Seeker: Elements” series capturing nearly 1M monthly views.