Plant 350


Housing: 18 gage stainless steel housing (Optional powder coating)

Power Requirements: 134 W, 120V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz

Blower: EBM, 450cfm fan with backward impeller

Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty

Weight:: 42 lbs / 19 kg

Dimensions: 20.5”h×19”w×12″d  | 520mm × 483mm x 305mm


Plant 350

The PLANT 350 was designed for commercial-sized rooms that are heavily populated and require high air changes per hour to ensure a safe and comfortable indoor environment. By effectively cleaning the air in a wall-mounted configuration, it allows for Promethium’s PLANT 350 to attack a wide range of harmful airborne pollutants very close to the source at less than 45db. This design makes the PLANT 350 ideal for a variety of clinical applications. Patient waiting rooms, a well-known source for the possible spread of infection, are a primary installation point. Additionally, individual treatment and recovery rooms are an excellent candidate for the PLANT 350.

The PLANT 350 combines well-known, effective technologies along with Promethium’s ground breaking photochemical process, to provide the most effective air purification possible. Installation is kept to a minimum, allowing for quick and easy use out of the box.

Promethium’s proprietary blend of photocatalyst, activated carbon pre-filter, and a HEPA/ULPA-class filter, with a high-intensity UV-C lamp are combined for world-class performance. In addition to the constituent technologies filtration capabilities, the pre-filter and filter decrease airflow inside the PLANT 350 by over 45%, significantly increasing the residence time of contaminated air inside the chamber. This increase in residence time allows for more exposure to UVC irradiation and photocatalytic oxidation (PCO), which leads toa greater overall performance.

The PLANT 350 unit is capable of 5 and 8 complete air changes per hour, in rooms 4000 ft3 and 2500 ft3, respectively. This decreases the amount of time a harmful particle will linger in the occupied space reducing the chance of adverse health effects.

The full-color LCD status screen displays fan speed (with multiple speed settings), air quality indication via a 1.0μm-sensitive particle sensor, air chamber pressure (which assists in indicating the effectiveness of the filters), UV-C lamp status, and a counter indicating the number of days of effective use remaining for each replaceable part (lamp, filter and pre-filter).

Visual and audible alarms are present for indicating lamp failure, necessity of part replacement, and other maintenance necessities. Additionally, the audible and visual alarms are battery-powered and will activate if the unit is unplugged in critical areas.

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