Plant HVAC


Material: Aluminium housing

Filtration: 99% efficiency at 0.3 microns 

Maximum CFM: 5000 CFM per unit

Power Requirements:120V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz 

Energy Consumption: 0.285 kWh 

Weight: 57lbs

Dimensions: 23” (L) x 26″ (H) x 34”

Electrical Safety Certification: ETL

Airflow: Flow switch detection on/off 

Static Pressure Loss: 0.125 in. w.c. at 1800 FPM 

Number of Bulbs: 5 X 55-Watt bulbs

Warranty: 5 Years


Plant HVAC

The PLANT HVAC is a ground breaking air purification system that installs directly into the ducting of an HVAC system, utilizing the flow from an air handler to operate. This device incorporates three synergistic, highly effective technologies that are all centered around Promethium’s proprietary light activated photocatalyst. The PLANT HVAC breaks down viruses, bacteria, and harmful gases to make and keep an occupied indoor space comfortable and safe. This award-winning system was optimized by industry experts to provide the highest quality air possible at 0.125 in.w.c. pressure loss to an HVAC system. With a simplistic install, the PLANT HVAC can be utilized in a wide range of applications handling up to 5,000 CFM in either a new or existing building.

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